11 Types of Steel Buildings and Characteristics

Modern steel buildings and high-quality structures made from steel make this material one of the most popular. Nearly half of all the non-residential, low-rise buildings are made from it.

Commercial steel buildings use this material because it is durable and sturdy. It is also pre-engineered and comes ready to assemble, making it an affordable and versatile pick if you’re a contractor managing a large building project.

Here are the types of steel buildings you may see around the city if you walk or drive through some time.

Type #1: Agricultural Steel Buildings

Steel is one of the best materials for agricultural use, used in buildings to make them sturdier, more weather-resistant, and last longer. Steel is frequently used in barns, livestock shelters, horse stables, and hay and crop sheds.

Agricultural steel buildings are known to be resistant to termites, water leakage, lightning damage, etc.

Type #2: Industrial Warehouses

Warehouses are massive spaces, requiring a lot of building materials to put together, and they must be cost-efficient. For large-scale industrial facilities, steel works because it can be constructed quickly, works well across wide floor plans, and also saves money on labour and building parts. Industrial steel buildings can effectively be as large as you like.

Type #3: Commercial Garages

A popular commercial steel building is a garage. For a garage, steel can be used to make all types of garages and workshops for contractors to work from, customized to meet the job’s requirements. They are often mechanical shops by design but can also be workshops for artists, woodworkers, or anyone who requires a large area to work from.

Type #4: Office Building

Steel does not have to be used to make some sort of massive industrial-esque facility. It is just as useful a material when it is applied to be used in an office. A ground-level office or small business can often cut building costs by switching to steel instead of using the usual materials. There are many ways to use steel to customize an office without wood or stone.

Type #5: Storage Center

Steel is a go-to material for storage. Mini storage steel building kits are popular, as are reusing shipping containers to make storage from. It’s all steel. Though it may not be the flashiest commercial steel building, it works great for storage because it’s highly weather-resistant and will protect the contents every time without fail so long as it is built correctly.

Type #6: Worship Centers And Churches

More churches in international areas and worship centers closer to home are being built from steel. This is because steel works so well for large rooms and can be easily manufactured to design more or less anything an organization may want in terms of layout. Steel has a long lifespan and requires very little maintenance as well.

Type #7: Gyms And Recreation Centers

Any type of fitness center, sports and recreation center, or gym can utilize steel to format their building with ease. Whether it’s an open-air gym or a large space with vaulted ceilings, steel is arguably the best choice for the building. More and more, steel is being chosen by various organizations, including universities, for their gymnasiums, ice rinks, basketball courts, indoor pools, and more.

Type #8: Sports Arenas

At a much larger level, steel plays a massive role in the design and construction of sports arenas. They can be utilized to create column-free large open spaces for large-scale projects. Major sports arenas across the continent use steel, as do similar large facilities requiring excellent strength and reliability in materials.

Type #9: High-Rise Buildings

High-rise buildings have stringent requirements for how they can be built and what they require in terms of structural support. Steel is often used for these as they provide some of the best structural support and support for wind loads that can be bought. Be it steel plates, reinforced steel bars, steel beams, steel pipes, or sections entirely built from steel, it is a building material that, when properly constructed, can withstand almost anything.

Type #10: Aviation And Aircraft

Aircraft and aviation equipment are large and require protected storage. Steel can offer that safety and protection. People using steel to build their hangers can rest assured that their aircraft is stored securely without risk of damage. It is not just aircraft, either. For many large vehicles requiring housing and security, steel is a perfect material to manufacture such facilities, from bus shelters to train stations.

Type #11: Residential Steel Buildings

As common as commercial steel is, some homeowners or home builders are turning to steel for residential living. Modern, sustainable, and easily customizable, steel can transform into various architectural aesthetics and is very efficient in construction time. Custom homes, guest houses, eco-friendly mobile homes, and more can be manufactured from steel.

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