13 Exciting Things to Make Your Car Look Cool

Just because you don’t have the coolest, trendiest car sitting in your parking space right now doesn’t mean you can’t get a few upgrades done and make what you have look awesome.

Custom upgrades vary in cost, from stuff as simple as having your car professionally detailed, washed, and cleaned to far more extensive and unique stuff. Here are thirteen exciting things to make your car look cool:

1. Wash and wax your car

Don’t use dish soap, laundry soap, or household cleaners on your car’s finish. Carefully wash and wax. You can get a professional to do this as well if you prefer. This will add a whole new shine across every side of your car.

2. Detail the car

You will be shocked by how good your car looks once the inside’s been cleaned and detailed. You’ll remove all the built-up dirt, debris, crumbs, grime, dust, and stains, restoring your vehicle almost like a factory reset.

3. Cool seat covers and floor mats

If you don’t like your car’s interior or the upholstery isn’t look all too shabby these days, upgrade your seat covers and add new floor mats. This is ideal for covering over damage and stains. Improve your car’s look in the process. Some strategically placed LED lights work to add emphasis to your seat covers and floor mats.

4. Cool car lights

If it’s an older car, make sure your car lights are up to par and working. Clean or replace foggy and aged headlights. Install a film over certain lights if it’s permitted.

You may want to add automotive LED lights in certain spots to heighten the visual appeal. A set of new headlights or tail lights can do a lot to make your car look cool.

5. Automotive LED Lights

Automotive LED lights add a whole new dynamic to your car. Add light strips along with the frame, using adhesive backs, or anywhere you see fit on your vehicle. LED lights can go anywhere, including inside. You want the lights themselves mainly out of sight and the glow to be the only thing seen for lights like these. An under-glow, in particular, looks outstanding.

6. New car paint

Although it can be expensive, a new paint job for a car will undo all sorts of imperfections and allow you to redesign the look of your vehicle. You can stick with the original factory paint or go with another colour. A combination of colours can also create a real one-of-a-kind effect.

7. Car wrap

You don’t need a new paint job to make your car look spectacular. A car wrap is how to do it. Vinyl car wraps can change the colour of your car, apply images and colour, add textures or words if you like, and creates no damage to the original paint. All sorts of styles and effects exist. You can remove a wrap at any time.

8. Car hood ornament

A unique custom hood ornament will personalize your car in a big way. You can make an ornament out of almost anything, from modern high-tech-looking items to antique, meaningful materials repurposed to fit your car. Try to think up something or find a hood ornament that represents you and suits your car’s look.

9. Car window tint

Tinted windows do a lot. They keep the sun out, protect the interior, and offer privacy while on the road. Tinted windows also add a trendy coolness to your vehicle. They always have. There are rules on what you can tint and how much. However, within those parameters, you can make tinting work for you.

10. Fix car imperfections

It almost goes without saying but address imperfections in the body of your car. Fix dents. Fix any rust that’s accumulated. Eliminate scratches. You don’t want any negative attention on your car. Auto body shops and car repair places can help with this. Make your finish look flawless.

11. Car spoiler or diffuser

A diffuser or spoiler makes a car look faster than it may be. Not everyone likes spoilers; however, a simple addition of one on top of your trunk can make your car look like a race car. Just beware when doing this, as installing a spoiler may mean drilling through your trunk. An automotive body shop or mechanic may be needed to help.

12. Car trunk liner

A trunk liner is a sort of like reupholstering your trunk area. It’s a cover, liner, or fabric that adds customization to a part of your car that gets a lot of use. You can add a lot of styles here simply by adding in a colour that isn’t the standard black or grey trunk.

13. New car wheels

New wheels instantly make a car stand out. You have various options, some with colour and others fairly plain—different colours, looks, and personalities. Years of driving wear down the look of wheels, with corrosion, chipping, and peeling affecting this part of the car. Consider new or redone tires, wheels, and rims.

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