Is Bike Sharing Good? 8 Bike Sharing Pros and Cons

As travellers, most of us are always searching for new ways to navigate a city. Just look at the skyrocketing popularity of rideshare options in recent years. These have provided many alternatives to travellers and commuters, in terms of how to traverse a given area.

When it comes to bicycles, certain cities and regions have implemented a variation of the rideshare phenomenon. This is known as bike sharing, a system for cyclists to quickly pay a fee and rent a bike for usually a day.

Like many modes of transportation, there are different kinds of bike sharing pros and cons. Some people are in support of this intuitive program, while others argue about certain flaws with the process. Due to the increasing popularity of bike sharing systems, it would appear that the pros outweigh the cons, but let’s take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of bike share programs.

The following are eight different types of bike sharing pros and cons:

Pro: Bike sharing is extremely convenient

The major benefit of bike sharing program is its accessibility. If you are a habitual cyclist, you’ll be pleased to know that many bike share systems can be found virtually everywhere. Major cities are backing their use, denoting their benefits over their perceived disadvantages. That is why it isn’t uncommon to see a system on every major block of a respective city.

Using a bike to get from point A to point B is a lot more convenient than using a car in a heavily-congested area. Having these stations installed in areas that are so close by to each other provides you with a truly, convenient means of transport.

Pro: Bike sharing is a healthier way to travel.

Health, fitness, and wellness has become a pivotal part of our lives. We are usually very conscious of the things we consume, and the ways we get around. This is especially true if you work in a sedentary-related position such as in an office.

Getting active doesn’t have to just reside in the gym. If you want to get around the city in a much more healthier way, use a bike to travel. Bike share systems grant you that option, and are available in large volumes to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Pro: There are environmental benefits of bike sharing.

Similar in vein to the health benefits you will get through using a bike share system, you will also positively impact the environment. Unlike cars and buses, bikes don’t emit greenhouse gases. Renting a bike from an established bike share system means you can traverse your city at will, all the while reducing your carbon footprint. Travelling green has never been easier!

Pro: Bike sharing is fairly inexpensive.

Think of all the ways that you use for travel. Now, think of the cost of using those specific means of travelling. It quickly adds up, especially if you use them on a consistent basis. Things like gas or bus fare can be expensive, in comparison to renting a bike from a bike share system.

For a relatively small fee, using a bike to get around your city is extremely cost-effective. Plus, if used consistently, you may not have to even splurge on a gym membership. The exercise you get from cycling will keep both your body and wallet as healthy as it can be!

Con: There may be a congestion in bike sharing users.

Although bike share systems may seem to provide a great means of transport for would-be cyclists, they aren’t infinite in numbers. Depending on which major area you find yourself in, you may find yourself waiting for a bike to rent.

This may not be an issue during off-peak hours, but it can certainly become detrimental during peak times of the day. If you need to get to a destination in a relatively, stress-free manner, it might be better to take a cab in some cases. Bike sharing is so popular, that, sometimes, they may not even be available!

Con: Beginners won’t enjoy bike sharing.

Generally speaking, bike share systems are to be used for those who have ample cycling experience. If you are a relative beginner, you should try your best to avoid cycling until more experience has been developed. Once that has been accomplished, feel free to use it the way you see fit.

Con: There is a helmet requirement.

When you plan to travel using a bike, you usually know of certain safety measures that need to be followed first. Wearing a helmet is one of those measures. Not only is it necessary for overall safety, you need to wear one in accordance with the law.

Bike share systems, unfortunately, don’t provide renters with the option of a helmet. If you are planning to use one to travel, you’ll have to bring your own. Many riders still choose to ride without wearing a helmet, but you are always better safe than sorry.

Con: Bikes are not docked properly after use.

One of the more persisting issues of bike share systems is the problem of users not docking them after use. Many have complained about the sight of rented bikes being piled up on a random sidewalk, or being discarded elsewhere. This prevents riders from using them when needed, and can be a huge detriment if not taken care of by the respective city.

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