9 Good Vape Juice Flavours You Should Try

Perhaps you just started vaping recently and don’t know which vape juice flavours to choose. There seems to be an endless variety available. Or perhaps you have been vaping the same 2 or 3 flavours for years. However, you may have grown tired of your usual vape juice flavours.

Fortunately, you can try something new! Vape juices come in many different flavours, appealing to your diverse tastes. Here are nine good vape juice flavours you should try:

Flavour #1: Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the most popular vape juice flavours, especially among those who decided to start vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Of course, tobacco vape juice is flavoured with food-grade ingredients and doesn’t contain any tobacco. Still, its nutty and spicy taste will remind you of a cigarette while being less harmful to your health.

If you are not that interested in something that reminds you of a cigarette, you can experiment with vape juice which tastes like cigars or pipe tobacco.

Flavour #2: Menthol

Menthol cigarettes are cigarettes that usually contain tobacco leaves laced with menthol. You might enjoy menthol vaping if you have been smoking menthol cigarettes before switching to vaping.

If you have never tried menthol cigarettes, you might be pleasantly surprised when you first vape menthol juice. Your lips, mouth and throat will experience a cool and fresh sensation like no other.

Just be sure to get started with a mild menthol strength so you won’t overwhelm your senses.

Flavour #3: Candy

Do you sometimes feel nostalgic for the candy you used to eat back when you were a kid, and we’re not afraid of cavities? With candy vape juice, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying.

Whether you prefer bubblegum, chocolate, cotton candy, hard candy, gummy candy, sour candy, or taffy, you can be certain that a vape juice flavour pays homage to your favourite.

What’s most exciting about candy vape juice is that most of the time, it tastes exactly like candy. This is because the same compounds used to flavour candy can be used to flavour vape juice.

Flavour #4: Caramel

Yes, caramel is a type of candy, but caramel-flavoured vape juice deserves more attention because it comes in so many delicious flavour profiles.

Caramel vape juice feels rich, creamy, and mellow. It can be difficult to choose between butterscotch, toffee, salted caramel, dulce de leche, and even caramel popcorn, caramel apple, and caramelized marshmallow.

Flavour #5: Custard

Custard vape juice is considered a classic for many vapers. It’s so wonderful that it can feel just like eating dessert, but without the calories.

Custard vape juice is creamy, sweet, savoury, and delicious. While this flavour is enjoyable, some people love mixing it with other vape juice flavours. It will instantly add a nice touch of creamy sweetness to any fruit-flavoured vape juice, for example.

Flavour #6: Donut

Regarding dessert-flavoured vape juice, donut juice is another favourite flavour among vapers. Think about a nice donut filled with fruit jam covered in powdered sugar and frosting. Now, try to imagine vapour that tastes just like that.

This is exactly what you will get if you try donut vape juice. Flavours of toasted grain, fruit, powdered sugar, and frosting have been expertly mixed to create a wonderful flavour of vape juice that you must try if you haven’t already.

Flavour #7: Strawberry

Fruit flavours are very popular, and strawberry vape juice might be one of the most popular of them all. Sweet and tart, just like real fresh strawberries, this vape juice will delight your taste buds.

If you are into mixing different vape juice flavours to create customized flavours, you can complement many dessert-flavoured juices with a strawberry flavour. Strawberry blends especially well with vanilla, chocolate, and blueberry, but feel free to experiment.

Flavour #8: Blue raspberry

If you remember a time when all the snacks you enjoyed released a blue raspberry flavour, you have to try blue raspberry vape juice.

Blue raspberry is not real fruit but a unique flavour invented for snacks and candy. Therefore, it makes sense that the very same flavour is now used to create an enticing vape juice flavour.

Flavour #9: Mango

Another good vape juice flavour you should try is mango. Many fruit-flavoured vape juices don’t exactly taste like real fruits and are more like fruit candy. But just like strawberry vape juice, mango vape juice often tastes real.

So you can feel like you are eating a sweet, juicy mango anytime you feel like it.

These are just a few examples of popular flavours you should try. You can enjoy them on their own or try to mix them with other flavours to see what will happen.

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