7 Renovation Ideas for Turning a Basement into a Bedroom

Whether you’re running out of space in your home for your growing family or looking to create a space for guests, turning your basement into a bedroom is a great way to add another room. Yet, when most people think about basements, they often think about cold, dingy, and dark areas that aren’t quite welcoming.

Of course, you want a bedroom to be cozy and comfortable. So, how do you turn a basement into a bedroom? There are many ideas for basement renovations that will transform your living space magnificently.

The following renovation ideas will help you create a space anyone would love to sleep in.

Idea #1: Get the Lighting Right

Basements are often lit with harsh fluorescents. Other times, you’re dealing with hanging single light bulbs that barely provide light. Basements typically bring in very little natural lighting, which amplifies these poor lighting effects. That’s why investing in lighting is one of the most important steps in the renovation process.

The right light fixture will turn harsh artificial light into a cozy space where people want to spend time. Replace the fluorescent lights with a tasteful number of pot lights.

Add a dimmer so your guests can get as much light as they want. Add stylish wall sconces and floor lamps to rival any main floor room.

Idea #2: Insulation Is Your Best Friend

Insulation is important if you convert part of your basement into a bedroom. An unfinished basement with bare concrete walls might be fine when you do laundry or store things. But being surrounded by concrete walls in a bedroom will be too cold and uncomfortable for guests.

Make the space more liveable by adding a layer of insulation and drywall. This traps heat keeps pests like mice out and reduces upstairs noises. Your guests will thank you.

Idea #3: Warm Up the Floor

Your choice of flooring is critical in renovating a basement to a bedroom. No one wants to walk on cold concrete floors. Your best option for a warm and cozy feel is to put down the carpet over a warm underlay. While this isn’t the most popular option for aesthetics, it’s a great functional option in a basement.

If you’re completely against the carpet, put a warm wooden flooring with a bright and warm rug on top of it.

Idea #4: Keep the Design Light

When you have low ceilings, limited natural light, and a small space, your best bet is to keep your design light and airy. A natural wood bed frame, white duvet cover, and light-coloured walls can bring a cozy charm to a basement suite.

Darker colours will likely make the space smaller, so staying clear is best.

Idea #5: Use Wallpaper and Mirrors to Your Advantage

Basements that lack natural light and windows can make it feel like you’re walled in. That’s why a light, bright wallpaper can be just the thing to warm up the room. Choose subtle wallpaper that you won’t be sick of looking at a year from now, but that’s colourful and textured enough to become a statement wall.

Add large mirrors to other room walls to open the space even more. Mirrors can make spaces look bigger than they are.

Idea #6: Maximize Space with the Right Bed Type

Basements aren’t known to be the most spacious. If you want to add an extra bedroom to your home but want to maximize a small space, consider installing a Murphy bed on your wall. This is an especially good option if you’re converting your basement to a guest bedroom since the guests won’t want to spend all day lying in bed like a teenager might!

If what you need is less space overall but more sleeping room, on the other hand, ditch the Murphy bed and consider adding two bunk beds instead. This type of bunk room is a great option if you’re trying to make space for big families that regularly visit.

If you’re making a permanent bedroom for one of your family members, you’ll want to consider the height of your basement when choosing a bed, too. Many basements are low. In this case, you can make the space seem more vertical by choosing a floor bed rather than a taller one you need to climb in.

Idea #7: Create a Window Nook

Most basements with windows have them high up on the wall. While this doesn’t tend to bring in the most light or provide the best view, it does lend itself well to creating a window nook.

Build a padded bench and add throw blankets and some pillows beneath the basement windows to create a cute window nook perfect for lounging or reading. Add storage space to the bench to make the space even more functional.

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