6 Shopping Guidelines for a New Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a great investment for homeowners. Not only are these ovens perfect for entertaining large crowds, but they make family dinners a breeze. From stylish and modern units to compact and cost-effective models, there is much for homeowners to consider. Given all these options, we’ve decided to outline below the top things that homeowners should consider prior to purchasing an outdoor pizza oven.

1. What the Fuel Source Will Be

One of the main things that homeowners will need to consider prior to purchasing an oven is the type of fuel that they intend for it to use. The fuel source is a vital aspect to allow the pizza over to function. The fuel source used on an outdoor pizza oven is either gas or wood. Prior to purchasing you should consider the bylaws in your area as some towns implement a ‘no burn’ policy. This means, you may not be able to use your outdoor pizza oven the way you intended to and may be better off investing in a gas model. Homeowners should also consider that wood burning pizza ovens can be tricky to monitor. So, if you are concerned about monitoring the flames you should consider purchasing a gas-powered model as the temperature is relatively easy to maintain.

2. The Size

Outdoor pizza ovens come in may different shapes and sizes. Prior to purchasing a model, you should consider how much space you have in your backyard. If you have a large yard you will likely be able to accommodate a larger model without it interfering on your lawn. Smaller models function just as well as their larger counterparts but allow for greater function in smaller spacez.

3. Construction Process

It is best to speak to a sales representative or professional prior to purchasing an oven regarding the installation process. Certain models can take longer periods of time to construct. This is especially true in cases where the design is complicated or the model is large. If you do not want the wood burning oven to have a long construction process you should only consider models with short set up times.

4. Style and Aesthetics

As it was mentioned above, wood burning pizza ovens come in many different styles. Prior to deciding on a design, you should take your time browsing different brands and companies. Certain models offer unique features that you may find useful. As well, certain models can be more modern and sleek looking, which could compliment a more modernly designed home.

5. Location in Your Home

Prior to deciding on a wood burning oven for your home you should also take into consideration the location that the oven will be placed. The location that you would like the oven to be may not necessary work for the type of model you want. For example, if you are interested in purchasing a large gas model but are unable to have it connect to the gas line, you may need to re-consider. You should take the time to measure the space you have available in your home and only look at models that it can accommodate.

6. What Accessories You Will Need

There are many types of accessories that can complement a wood burning pizza oven. In addition to the oven itself, you should consider purchasing some accessories that will assist with its functionality. Additional accessories include: long arm pizza peels, ash rakes, brush and more.

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