7 Easy Meals for Single Guys with No Basic Cooking Skills

One of life’s most important skills to learn is cooking. Even though ordering in from restaurants can be an exciting time, especially with a partner, it isn’t the be-all and end-all. Learning how to prepare food, and make dishes for your schedule is incredibly important. Even so, it doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you’re a single guy.

For those who are living abroad for university, or if you’re single in general, fear not. There are a plethora of meals that can be served without long hours of preparation. Not only are they easy to make, but the recipes are diverse, which can translate to great taste too.

Below are the seven easy meals for single guys:

Meal #1: Rice Bowls

Nowadays, we are always in search of meals to get our daily nutrients in. Since many of us are becoming health conscious, eating meals that are prepared with nutrition in mind is key. Rice bowls are incredibly easy to make, and come packed with the right amount of calories too. The best part? They take no more than fifteen minutes to prepare.

Single guys may opt to diversify their rice bowls with ingredients that they prefer. For example, brown rice can oftentimes be prepared with a meat of your liking. Adding vegetables, such as kale or bok choy, can truly enhance the flavour and presentation as well.

Meal #2: Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers is another easy meals for single guys. When it comes to choosing from your favourite dishes, nothing beats a good burger. However, if you don’t fancy ordering out fast food all the time, making your own can be just as easy. If you are a single guy who is health conscious, try your hand at preparing some turkey burgers.

Turkey burgers come packed with the right amount of protein, in addition to having a great taste factor. All you need is some lean ground turkey, and your typical hamburger ingredients. Fire up your grill, or use your stove to make the turkey patties if need be. Make a few patties to last you for the week, to save time as well.

Meal #3: Food Delivery Services

Although learning to cook is of the utmost importance, time is another factor that you’ll have to consider. When time is of the essence, your best bet may be to use food delivery services for ready made meals. Thankfully, the options available aren’t as unhealthy as initially believed. In fact, you have a diverse assortment of choices to pick from.

Fire up your favourite service’s app, and take a look at their menu. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to take a glance and what is offered with a clear eye. As long as you’re able to wait a bit for the delivery, your meal will arrive at your door in due time. Plus, you will never miss out on taste, regardless of the food!

Meal #4: Pasta Salad

Sometimes, salads may not be the best choice in terms of making a satisfying meal. However, instead of resorting to other, unhealthy means, why not combine the salad with pasta? The resulting combination is not only satisfying, but it is simple to put together for single guys.

Pasta salads, on the surface, can be modified to your liking as well. For added taste, you can also use a preferred salad dressing or hot sauce, to kick the flavour up a notch. The best part is that pasta salads can be served in no more than fifteen to twenty minutes!

Meal #5: Omelets

Breakfast time is often considered to be the most important meal of the day. As such, you’ll need to prepare something that provides you with a great start to the day. Omelets not only fit this description, but can be attuned to your tastes at the moment.

Omelets can be prepared for those who prefer a tinge of sweetness, or for those who like savoury meals. All you need is a few eggs, along with the spices and ingredients of your choosing. Give yourself ten minutes to cook it, and your breakfast will reach new heights.

Meal #6: Avocado Toast

Don’t just think of this is as the stereotypical millennial meal. Avocado toast can be the foundation of a truly tasty and healthy snack, in between meals. Add some carbohydrates to the toast, such as white beans, and you got yourself a great dish!

Meal #7: Burritos

For the ultimate choice in taste and simplicity, burritos are an excellent choice for single guys to prepare. All you need is your usual pita bread, along with your sauces and ingredients. Give yourself no more than fifteen minutes, and you are good to go.

When it comes to making easy, but delectable, food choices, you are never short of good choices. This is especially valid if you are a single guy, where only the most basic cooking skills are required!

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