5 Best Ways on How to Prevent Mass Shootings

A mass shooting is defined by three or more deaths from gun violence in a single incident. This type of assault on the public can be a targeted or random attack by a disgruntled person looking for revenge or payback. While they may have a primary target, most mass shootings end up harming anyone in the vicinity of the attack.

These tragedies happen worldwide in our schools and places of work as well as resorts, shopping centres, and residences. There needs to be drastic changes in order to stop this kind of gun violence from occurring.

We need to do all we can to prevent mass shootings around the globe. In order to curb this violence, we will have to live with certain restrictions. These strategies would not be implemented to take away your freedoms but rather to protect them. When your goal is to prevent mass shootings, there has to be an action plan that stops this violence in its tracks.

Let’s go over some strategies on how to prevent mass shootings:

1. Restrict Assault Weapons

Restricting assault weapons is one of the best ways on how to prevent mass shootings. Assault weapons are highly lethal, and fast loading. They include semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols that have detachable magazines and are designed for rapid-fire in a combat situation. They are highly effective and powerful and should be used with great care and adequate training.

I don’t suggest we ban this style of gun for civilians use because they can be fun to operate in the right setting. If someone is an avid collector or shooter, operating an assault gun is exhilarating. They belong in a secure space where safety measures are being implemented and they should not be out in the general public.

Every person has a right to protect themselves but these weapons go beyond basic protection. Allow people to own them as long as they are stored and used in secure gun clubs and for sport use only.

2. Ban High Capacity Magazines

There is no reason beyond military use why anyone would need a high-capacity magazine for their gun. These are usually more than 10-20 rounds. This type of capability is the reason why a mass shooter can inflict so much damage in so little time. Without the need to reload they can keep shooting.

A ban on high-capacity magazines could lessen the death count and allow emergency responders time to take down a shooter.

3. Concealed Weapons Detection Technology

When you have a large public event, it could be a target for a mass shooting. Big crowds allow a shooter to inflict damage quickly and in big numbers. We need to implement weapon detection sensors at these large gatherings.

Fortunately, technology exists to detect concealed weapons. This type of screening device can be used for festivals, concerts, and on campuses to protect the public. These types of concealed weapons detection technology systems can pinpoint where weapons are hidden. In addition, they identify health and safety risks in real-time, and also integrates with available video surveillance to detect crowd disturbances.

4. Background Checks For Weapons Purchase

There are people that oppose these types of requirements because they feel it is invading their privacy. The reality is background checks will make people safer because this is the first line of defence against an unstable person acquiring a firearm. The idea is no to create a gun registry to monitor those who own firearms but rather a check stop at the point of purchase to qualify those who wish to purchase a gun.

This may also alert authorities to potential mass shootings and allow them to investigate individuals that are currently prohibited from owning a firearm. Those who can pass background checks shouldn’t need to worry as they are the ones who are allowed to legally possess a gun and are responsible to do so.

5. Arming Schools

This is an issue that creates a lot of debate. We send our children into the schools with no real way of protecting themselves from an active shooter. It is important to be able to not only defend our youth but to stop a shooter from taking the lives of the innocent.

There are several ways you could implement this. First, you could train and arm teachers in order to protect the student body and staff. This would require no additional employees patrolling the grounds but rather equip those adults already on site. Another way is to hire professional weapons experts to work inside the schools. This could be retired police officers or veterans in the community.

They are highly trained to respond to these types of situations and know how to handle a weapon. These heroes have put their lives on the line for their entire careers and many want to work in the civilian field. They would be there not only to respond to a mass shooter but also to deter anyone from coming to the school to do harm

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