What to Do After a Deep Tissue Massage

Getting a deep tissue massage is a great idea if you’ve had a sports injury and have strained muscles. It is designed to break down muscle adhesions while breaking up scar tissue, the familiar knots that bring pain and inflammation.

These musculoskeletal problems get worked out during your regular massage sessions. After you are done with massage therapy, what’s next? Here is what to do after a deep tissue massage:

Get hydrated after a deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage targets muscles and tissues under tension, and toxins can make their way to the surface. It is important to get rid of those toxins by flushing them out with water. Hydration doesn’t mean coffee or soda and certainly not alcohol, though. Stick to good old H2O or coconut water and any herbal teas at home and rinse your system.

Have a warm bath after a massage.

After a tough massage, it’s time to give your body some pampering and relaxation. This type of massage may give you some residual pain and aches, and resting in the tub will help out. Add some Epsom salts or baking soda to the bathing to soothe your body and help with circulation and essential oils like lavender, rose or sweet orange.

Stretch your body after a massage.

Stretching after a massage is beneficial and releases muscle tension and flushes out toxins quicker. You will gain flexibility and improve circulation, but do not overdo it. Take this stretch time to quiet your mind and breath.

Stay away from heavy exercise.

You have put your body through some stress, and it needs time to recover. Your therapist has just released tension and knots, so you don’t want to bring them back.

If you just can’t stay still, go for a walk and get some sun. Pick an easy path without hills, so you don’t challenge yourself too much. It’s ok to get your heart rate up a bit but don’t turn it into a training exercise. Keep it short and then get back home and take it easy for the rest of the day.

Eat something nutritious after a massage.

Getting hungry after a massage is common because it is similar to exercise. Your body may need some refuelling, so make a light meal to satisfy it. Stick to something like fruit, smoothie or other light options because you don’t want to make your body work too hard digesting a huge plate of food. Eat enough to replenish the reserves and save your big meal for dinner. Once your system has recovered from the massage, it will be ready to load up on all healthy food choices you give it.

Rest and relax after a deep tissue massage.

On massage day, don’t schedule any other activities. This is the perfect day to catch up on your reading and sleep. After your shower or bath, get comfy on the bed and steal a few winks. This is the recovery time, and you may be surprised that you nod off for a few hours.

If you aren’t sleepy, hit the couch and do something relaxing like reading or watching a movie. Make sure it is something that soothes you as your body recovers from your massage.

Meditate after a deep tissue massage.

Another way to relax your body is through meditation. This creates a quiet, soothing environment for your body as it recovers. Calming the mind affects the whole system by bringing inner peace, and it also gives you time to take the focus off your body.

It can be hard to stop thoughts rushing in a while meditating, so choose a guided meditation that helps you let go and just be. Lay down in a silent place and use pillows and a blanket to get more comfortable. Enjoy this time to yourself and focus on gentle recovery.

Book your next massage appointment.

This might be the most important thing you do after your session. Before you walk out the door, see reception and book another massage. You’d be surprised how busy you get, and it’s easy to forget about coming back for more deep tissue work.

Deep tissue massage is a process that often takes several treatments to be effective. You will feel relieved after you are done, but life can creep back in, and your problems may persist. By regularly coming as laid out by your therapist, you will recover and get back a better range of moments with less pain over time.

Having an injury or chronic muscle tension affects us all during our lives. Fortunately, some specialists administer deep tissue massage to get us up and running again. You wisely chose to get your message so remember to follow up with these vital aftercare rituals. Your body will thank you for it.

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