How to Live Your Rich Life Lavishly

We are the only species on earth that uses money, and it is necessary to buy everything from food to clothing to shelter and beyond. It is the beyond that we all strive for because it gives us comfort and security, with wealth providing the means to achieve it.

The truth is living a rich life is more than wealth. It is a balance between aligning your finances, values and happiness and a way to achieve a fulfilling life.

This is how to live your rich life.

1. Think Beyond Money

Money makes the world go around, and whoever said money can’t buy you happiness is wrong. It provides:

  • A secure place to live
  • Nutritional food to eat
  • The funds to have experiences
  • Access to help if needed

Conversely, happiness is a state of mind that doesn’t require an influx of cash. Money also can’t provide compassion, love, contentment, or a connection with another living soul.

Make smart choices to either earn more income or spend less to have your basic needs met and enough to do enjoyable things. Don’t carry excess debt because it weighs you down. Learn to save for the purchases you want and be consistent with investing so you have the funds to do the things you want and have the money to fund it. Along the way, you may find that a rich life is more than money.

2. Live In Luxury

Life is to be enjoyed and best achieved in a state of luxury. It is a condition of comfort and ease with many levels, and you can create a sumptuous environment based on your income level.

Luxury apartments are a style of living that gives you a smaller, more plentiful footprint to enjoy and frees you up from the regular upkeep of a traditional house.

Owning your residence is not always the best choice, and while it is a great investment, there are other lucrative areas to focus your money on. You can then live your rich life in a luxury apartment filled with amenities and decor that provides a posh place for entertaining and relaxation at the same time.

3. Find Purpose In Life

We all have something we are naturally good at. Then, there are the things that truly interest us. You are truly blessed if you can align them to earn a living. If not, work to make an income and pursue your dreams.

Your purpose is a set of goals and aims that get you up in the morning, influence your behaviour and guide your life decisions. It is the meaning and direction you follow in life. If you don’t know your purpose, look inward and study your emotions. Think about what brings you joy and do more of that.

Also, seek new experiences to discover what awakens your spirit and live in that world. This is living a blessed, rich life.

4. Buy Time

We all trade time for money, a necessary expenditure for a portion of our day. You can always make more money, but you only have a finite amount of time.

Living a rich life is more than accumulating money; and it is using that money to buy back time for yourself. This is about gaining freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labour before they become too ripe and bitter. Focusing on things that scale builds a passive income system so you can make money without being there. This could be through:

  • Rental Properties
  • Dividend stocks
  • Online content
  • Selling books

There are several ways to make money work for you, and then you can use the influx to remove you from the job equation.

5. Educate Yourself

A rich life balances resources and passion, but you may not know how to create both. Fortunately, you can learn quickly; there has never been a better time.

Build your money brain by consuming content that teaches you about investing, business and building wealth. Get rid of old belief systems like:

  • Money is evil
  • You have to work harder to earn more money
  • Investing is too difficult
  • Only the rich get richer

Don’t follow the pack but rather be more of a lone wolf while following the guidance of those who have achieved what you want. Set clear goals and work towards them as you accumulate knowledge, and then apply that wisdom to your income strategy and build your own rich life from the ground up.

This is how to live your rich life. Nothing comes easy, but if you put the time and effort focused in the right direction, you will have enough time and resources to truly be on easy street.

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