7 Modern Rustic Dining Room and Living Room Ideas

The dining room and living room are the statement rooms of the house. They are where your family congregates after a long day to enjoy dinner together. They are where your friends gather on your birthday to blow out candles and eat cake. Plus, these rooms hold memories of laughter shared over meals and stories shared over drinks. Because every home tells a story, we want your dining room to tell yours.

In recent years, living and dining rooms have been shifting from bulky furniture and many decorative pieces to rustic styles with a modern design. Choosing a modern rustic theme makes shopping for your dining room much simpler. Rather than comparing pieces of furniture to one another to determine if they work well together, selecting living room furniture sets based on texture, patterns, and colour will ensure cohesiveness within your decor.

This guide will help you select furniture, choose colours, and decorate your space to achieve your dream home. Here are the seven best modern rustic dining room and living room ideas:

Idea #1: Rustic Colours

Colour is a powerful tool. It ties a room together and determines whether a room appears coordinated or conflicting. For a modern rustic dining room, earth tones work together best.

An earth tone is essentially any colour that appears in nature: dark greens, rich browns, cloudy greys, and deep navy. When buying furniture, these colours compliment each other well as they tend to be more natural— as such, it makes your purchasing process much easier. To bring modernism into your dining room, make sure you incorporate modern tones as well: grey, white, and light brown.

Idea #2: Rustic Textures

The texture is yet another element of design that can help make or break your modern rustic dining room. Wool throw blankets and woven pillows are amazing choices for welcoming the rustic ambience.

Also, exposing the raw wood and stone around the house are important features of a modern rustic home. This allows you to bring nature indoors, generating the authentic rustic feel you are striving for.

Try adding or exposing stone fireplaces, wooden ceilings, stone beams, or entire stone walls, and see the world of difference! Adding metal textures (especially black metal) such as metal dining room lights and metal hardware on wooden cabinets can greatly modernize the space.

Idea #3: Rustic Patterns

Like colours and textures, patterns are integral when giving your dining room a rustic feel while maintaining its modern elegance. Classic wood-like patterns are a staple, of course! Selecting wooden pieces that are lighter in colour (such as oak) can tie in the colours, textures, and patterns needed to elevate the room. Subtle plaid can be a great addition to centrepieces and placemats.

However, do not overdo it unless you want your dining room to look like a lumberjack’s uniform. Cowhides are often popular as well. Typically used as a rug, cowhides are durable and difficult to stain, making them the perfect addition to your dining room (especially if you have children!).

Idea #4: Natural elements

Similar to the colour scheme, natural elements are a must-have in your dining room. Though it is important to incorporate nature throughout the room, it is quite easy to get carried away.

Although you may add a greater rustic feel with more natural decoration, adding too much takes away from the open space. Opting for minimalistic plants such as ficus or a hanging potted plant can provide a splash of green in an otherwise plain space while maintaining a modern and rustic style.

Idea #5: Rustic Floors

Your floors are a statement of the feel of the room. Selecting floors that are in line with your colour scheme (light or dark), pattern scheme (wood or oak), and texture scheme (flat and simple) creates a solid foundation to build up from.

Replace any carpet you may have with wooden floors, placing a simple muted rug or a carpet for texture if desired. Not only are wood floors much easier to clean, but they also come in so many colours and styles that you would be surprised how many renditions of ‘wood’ there truly are.

Idea #6: Decorating with open space

Your colours, patterns, and textures typically work to achieve the rustic feel of your dining room. To tie it all together and achieve the modern design element, it is essential to use your space wisely. For larger pieces of furniture like couches, find simplistic furniture: a key feature of modern homes.

Reduce covering a high amount of floor space with decorations such as floor lamps and large cabinets. Instead, keep your dining room minimalist by prioritizing open space and airflow over flowery aesthetics and extravagance.

Idea #7: Rustic Furniture

Your furniture and decor exhibit the majority of your style. Thus, it is important to make sure your dining tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, silverware, placemats, decorations, and bookshelves use similar colours, patterns, and textures. Among the most eye-catching pieces is your dining room table.

Taking up the most space in the room, your choice of dining table commands the most attention. As such, wood dining tables are the perfect addition; it accentuates the room’s natural elements, highlighting the dining room’s rustic style. Yet, at the same time, its simplicity demonstrates the modern move towards open space and minimalism.

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