The Top 9 Most Popular Hairstyles for Guys

It has been said that one of the things women look at first in a man is their shoes because they portray their character. How true that is, l can’t say; but having a great hairstyle, in addition to your grooming game is another way to make a statement as a man.

If you are going for a modern, uniquely powerful and edgy style, you are in the right place. Here is a list of some of the most popular hairstyles for guys, from the sexiest, most trendy, and attention-grabbing hairstyles you could ever find!

1. Fringe Cuts

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for guys. It is ideal for short flat hair and those of you with square facial shapes. It can be a cropped fringe, irregular fringe cut or a blunt cut fringe. However you decide to wear it, it looks really good, and you can apply styling paste then dry it out to get that sharp and controlled hair look.

2. Messy Textured Hairstyles

Known as a popular hairstyle among trendy salons, this hairstyle comes in many forms. If you have short curly hair, you should certainly try it out. It creates layers in your hair and makes it seem thick and full.

3. The Undercut

This is among the more popular hairstyles for guys with a little edge. While the classic version had buzzed sides and a long pushed back top, the modern cut is more slicked back and naturally curly. It has a layered feel at the nape and temples as well as a gradual fade, which creates a sophisticated yet straightforward transition between the long top and hair at the sides.

Of all the variations of this hairstyle, the disconnected undercut, which distinctly separates the hair on top of the head and sides, is the most preferred, and you can use matte hair mousse for that perfect hair texture.

4. Buzzcut + Shape Up + Disconnected Beard

It’s popular with Hollywood stars such as Zayn Malik, Jaden Smith, Frank Ocean and Brooklyn Beckham. It helps emphasize your jawline, and you are free to experiment with different colours. Ask your barber to grade down the top hair to 3.0 inches and 1.0 for the back and side. It thins out the hairline by creating a gradual fade from the tips to the hairline hence a cleaner look.

5. The Bob

This is a classic look, which never grows old. Particularly in the 90s, the mid-length cut was the in-thing, and celebrities such as Milo Ventimiglia wore it to the red carpet. For you to pull off this look, the length needs to be longest at the front to allow you to tuck it behind your ears, the back layered with the weight on top and at jaw length. This hairstyle is perfect for those with thicker textured hair, but with the right products such as moisturizing cream and styling mousse, you can also rock it!

6. Mid-Length Waves

If you have long hair, you don’t have to hide it anymore. Long is now the new high fashion as seen on many red carpet events. The dos and don’ts for this style include; always keep the cut at mid-cheek or jaw length, regularly trim the ends to prevent it from forming a bunch on the sides and avoid products with high levels of alcohol as they may dry out the hair follicles. Go for quality moisturizing creams and leave-in conditioners in case your hair gets too dry. It seems like a lot of work, right? But nothing comes easy.

7. Pompadour

These are popular hairstyles for guys in the 1950s and have remained relevant until today. It can be a classic pompadour with a drop fade, an undercut pompadour or a high fade accompanied by a loose pompadour.

8. Spiky Haircuts

Whether you are in a formal work set up or are going out for a party with some friends, this style works. You comb it down when at work and bring back the strands with the right gel when in party mode. It’s also a great way to cover up a messy morning head.

9. Casual Hand Brush Up

There are days when you feel too lazy to style your hair or are too busy with work and have no time. This is the right moment to go for this hairstyle. It is styled effortlessly using just your hands and still gives off an eye-catching vibe.

There is something for every length and hair texture; from long, medium, straight hair, short, curly, thin, thick, and wavy. If you desire that throwback look or a more modern vibe, these trending hairstyles are set to rule!

It’s important to note that most of the popular hairstyles for guys will continue to gain popularity going forward, and these include undercuts as well as low and high skin fade cuts with textured hairstyles on top. Hairstylists are coming up with innovative haircuts to add a bit of character to your hair. Remember, hair is a primal portal and an important part of your grooming.

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