5 Types of Flowers That Are Regularly Delivered on Birthdays and Holidays

If you want to deliver a special gift for a birthday or holiday, you cannot go wrong with flowers. Any flower delivery can be easily made online or by phone. The following flowers are popular varieties that can be delivered alone or in a floral bouquet to the recipient’s home. The florist packages the flowers and you can also include a vase in the order if you wish.

1. Roses

Whether you send a dozen red roses, yellow roses, or a mix of colours of this flower, you are sure to give the recipient a reason to smile. Order a bouquet of flowers (in mixed colours) with Peruvian lilies for a special birthday or anniversary. Any floral delivery featuring roses is popular because roses signify love or friendship. Whether you send them to a friend or the one you love, you will evoke special feelings.

Roses, by their colours, send special messages. For example, a red rose is the traditional symbol used for love and romance and, therefore, make it easy for the sender to say, “I love you.” Pink roses convey happiness and admiration while yellow roses express joy and friendship. A white rose represents innocence and purity, and are often sent as wedding bouquets. They may also be sent in memory of a special event or date, as they signify remembrance.

Orange roses indicate enthusiasm and desire. Giving these roses symbolizes the excitement you feel by having a relationship with the recipient. Lavender roses, which mean love at first sight, tell the one you love about your desire to grow your relationship.

2. Lilies

Known as the May birth flower, lilies are often a popular birthday flower during this month of spring. They also represent devotion and friendship, especially if they are a variety, such as Peruvian lilies. You can also give white lilies as a 30th wedding anniversary flower. Lilies of the valley represent a second wedding anniversary bloom. Lilies are often added to bouquets with roses, and given to friends and the people who have stolen our hearts. For those interested in learning more, please visit

3. Poinsettia

This flower, which is associated with the Christmas holiday, is often given during this time of the winter season. Its colourful red blooms, in fact, make it a Christmas favourite. According to Mexican legend, a poor child, who had no money to buy a Christmas gift, picked weeds from the roadside to place at the altar on Christmas Eve. In turn, the weeds transformed and turned into bright red and clean poinsettia flowers.

4. Amaryllis

The poinsettia is not the only flower to send during the Christmas season. You can wish people well at this time of year with a flower delivery in the form of an amaryllis plant. Part of Christmas tradition, this flowering bulb sprouts vibrant red blooms and soft, graceful, green leaves. You can order it in a pot with a French design and enjoy the flower throughout the year.

5. Tulips

Tulips are the quintessential flower of spring, and therefore are often delivered alone or in mixed bouquets during this time of year. This is an ideal flower to deliver with roses or with baby’s breath. Many gift givers like to choose pink roses with baby’s breath or passion purple roses, delivered in a clear glass vase with a passion purple bow.

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