7 Benefits of Ballet Classes for Kids

Raising a confident child who does not shy away from the limelight or sulk when put on the spot is perhaps any parent’s dream come true. This the kid that always shoots up their hand in class to answer questions, or the toddler athlete who is stronger, faster and more skilful than other kids. The kind of child who makes friends easily. Well, the reality is that not all children grow up to be super kids.

However, you can start yours on the way to self-confidence and unlimited potential by enrolling them in a ballet class. Below are some of the benefits of enrolling your kid in a ballet class:

1. Enriched Vocabulary

Ballet classes expose your child to their own bodies, teaching them new vocabulary on the human anatomy. For instance, your child will learn isolations, which refer to the art of moving only one part of your body in dance. This skill is a key part of ballet dancing. However, before your child can start moving individual body parts, they have to learn their names.

The instructor will sit them down and have them point to their different body parts such as the head, toes, heels, tummy, heart, etc. By engaging in these mental exercises, your child learns new words and hence enrich their vocabulary. Other words that they will learn include stretch, bend, wiggle, twist, and scoop.

2. Flexibility

Most ballet classes heavily focus on flexibility. These are essential in helping a kid perform flawless routines such as arabesque. In the process, your child learns how to be flexible without hurting themselves. Ballet instructors will teach your child how to stretch correctly. Exercises will include butterfly stretches to enhance the hip and inner-thigh flexibility, pike stretches to develop flexible hamstrings, and straddle stretches to help your kid dancer do splits.

3. Strength

To hold and maintain certain ballet poses, strength is vital, especially when performing rigorous routines. While you may be eager to see your kid perform unbelievable feats in flexibility, a good ballet instructor will quickly remind you that flexibility goes hand in hand with strength. Crucial exercises include ‘mountain climbing’, puppy push-ups to build arms’ strength, and limb strengthening exercises such as the ‘dinner table’. Both strength and flexibility exercises lay the foundation of your child’s healthy lifestyle. Besides, the discipline demanded from ballet dancers helps them to build both physical and inner strength.

4. Discipline

Ballet is all about discipline and self-control. Having an instructor train your child in this important life skill should be a welcome opportunity. Your child will start to learn how to accommodate others and to wait their turn on the queue. They will learn virtues such as sharing and being considerate to others. They will learn to share the spotlight with others too. They will also get to learn that rules should be obeyed and that their behaviour attracts either positive or negative consequences.

5. Self-Confidence

While discipline helps your child destroy bad habits, ballet dancing builds your child’s confidence and sense of self-worth through positive affirmations such as “you can do it,” “well done,” etc. A good instructor will create opportunities that will boost your child’s personal confidence.

6. Creativity

Ballet dancing makes your child stronger and more flexible. But this is not the only benefit your child gets. She will become more creative as she learns how to translate thoughts and emotions into creative, powerful routines.

7. Establish Friendships

Friendships formed in ballet classes could last a lifetime. This is because such friendship are fostered through teamwork as the kids cooperate in their shared love for ballet dancing. As your child learns new skills, she also learns how to get along with others and to make friends. There is no better and faster way of making lasting friendships than having fun together, and that’s what a ballet class means to your child.

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