7 Tips to Buy the Coolest Motorcycle Jacket

Determining which motorcycle jacket best suits your riding style is one of the most common dilemmas riders face. Asides from making you look cool, the right motorcycle jacket should also cushion the initial impact of a potential crash, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Compared to simple jackets, motorcycle jackets are designed for protection against harsh weather. They also include safety features. If you’re having difficulty in choosing a jacket, consider the following important tips for guidance.

1. Durability

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket is its durability. You’ll be wearing your jacket during rain or shine. You may be wearing it on a daily basis. It’s going to go through some wear and tear. You need it to be durable to withstand whatever you put it through.

Consider the material of the jacket when selecting one to purchase. Leather jackets typically offer better protection and last longer than textile. If possible, make sure the jacket has been tested in various conditions before purchasing.

2. Safety Features

You’ll also want to consider the motorcycle jacket’s safety features.

Consider the environment you intend to wear it in. There are numerous jackets designed for on- and off-road use, which have different features, construction, ventilation, and protection.

The on-road motorcycle jacket is typically designed from leather, which offers protection from possible crashes. These jackets have body armour and padding to protect against a hard contact with the road at the chest, elbows, and back.

Off-road motorcycle jackets, on the other hand, require different features. They help cool and protect riders from hard collisions with rugged surfaces. For fun and adventure riding, leather or textile jackets that have puncture resistance and body armour are the best choice while motocross racing requires full protective armour, including abrasion-resistant chest and back protectors.

3. Weather Conditions

For cold weather, leather jackets are more suitable. During the rainy season, leather jackets provide warmth since they are waterproof. They come with breathable materials like Gore-Tex to keep you cool because they offer little or no ventilation.

Textile, on the other hand, is perfect for the summer. These jackets offer better ventilation and they are not as heavy as leather jackets.

4. Fitness and Comfort

Unlike textile jackets, which are bulkier, leather jackets fit better. They are made to wrap closer to your body and keep the armour in place in case of a crash. Although leather jackets have softer materials, which offer comfort, textile jackets are more flexible.

5. Style

Because your jacket reveals your style as a rider, you need to purchase the kind of jacket that has the features you need while also meeting your style preferences. These days, jackets in bright colours are common among riders. While leather jackets offer the vintage and classic look, mesh jackets give a more modern look.

6. Speed

You can choose a motorcycle jacket based on your logistical riding requirements. While textile jackets work well with commuters, leather jackets are more often worn for weekend riding because it cuts the wind more effectively. They are perfect for long distances and fast speeds with little risk of tearing.

7. Maintenance

Leather jackets are usually conditioned and dry cleaned whereas textile jackets can be washed. For mesh jackets, cleaning requires dipping the jacket in a solution of soap and water following washing instructions on the label. Also, you can use a moist cloth for spot cleaning.

Not sure which motorcycle jacket is right for you? Head over to a motorcycle dealership that also sells great-quality motorcycle parts and accessories to get the advice and recommendations you need to make the right choice.

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