10 Interesting Paper Recycling Facts and Figures

The need to recycle all materials is well understood. Every sheet of paper, envelope or flyer that is recycled means that one less has made its way into landfill.

The importance of recycling has never been better understood. With many businesses becoming greener and some even going paperless the message is getting through. However, there is always more to be done when it comes to recycling paper.

The next time you get the opportunity to discuss the importance of recycling paper, wouldn’t it be great if you were able to speak with authority on the subject? Read on to learn about ten interest paper recycling facts and figures:

Fact #1: Every ton of recycled paper, you can save 17 trees

This paper recycling fact is wild! Make sure that you and the company that you work for are doing all that they can to save trees. You should also look into the possibility of becoming a paperless office.

This can save the company a great deal of money and also show that they are a socially responsible company. Millennials are becoming more and more concerned with the environment. They are also quite discerning when it comes to where they spend their hard earned money.

Fact #2: 77% of office paper waste is recyclable

When it comes to paper recycling, it needs to start at the office. Did you know that 77% of office paper waste is recyclable? This is a huge number. If your workplace doesn’t have a recycling plan in place and make it easy for employees you should make your voice heard.

The amount of paper that you use in the home will be dwarfed by the amount that is used in most workplaces.

Fact #3: 40% of landfill waste is paper

This means that almost half of all landfill doesn’t need to be there in the first place. If everyone was committed to recycling all of their waste paper, then the landfills would be a great deal smaller.

Now imagine how much of the remaining 60% is plastic or other materials that can be recycled. We are all sitting on a huge opportunity to massively reduce how much materials get placed in landfill.

Fact #4: Recycling a piece of paper only causes 5% of the pollution

Recycling a piece of paper only causes 5% of the pollution than creating a new piece of paper from scratch. It also saves about 50% of the amount of energy that is needed. Over a lifetime, imagine just how much of an impact you can have on the environment. Just one piece of paper at a time.

Fact #5: The high-grade paper is the most wasted type of paper

This is paper that is of very good quality and it is often thrown straight into the trash instead of the recycling box. Educating everyone on the need to recycle paper is of paramount importance so that we don’t need to keep cutting down trees by the thousand per day.

Fact #6: Office paper can be repurposed as paper towels

When paper is recycled, it can enjoy a second life as anything from newspaper to an egg carton. Office paper can be repurposed as paper towels, toilet paper and tissue paper. The more we are able to recycle the better.

Fact #7: Brown paper is recyclable

This paper recycling fact might not be a surprise to many, but with online shopping as huge as it is, there has never been such a huge demand for cardboard boxes. Before you collapse your boxes for recycling make sure that it can’t be used again as a box. If you live in a condo building, the chances are that someone will be moving out in the next few weeks. Ask around or post in community forums.

Fact #8: You can’t recycle receipts

Receipts are coated with BPA and are not recyclable or compostable. This seems like a missed opportunity. Especially as receipts seem to be getting longer and longer these days. You can still make a difference. When you don’t need a receipt, when asked if you want one, say no.

Fact #9: Glossy magazines can be recycled

A surprising paper recycling fact is that glossy magazines can be recycled. You should also think about donating your magazines if they are recent issues. Libraries, waiting rooms, family shelters and nursing homes are just some of the places that you might want to donate a magazine to.

You can also look to digital editions of magazines that are available as well. Most of the time access to these editions are much cheaper. You could save money and the planet at the same time.

Fact #10: Parchment paper cannot be recycle

If you have used the parchment paper on your cooking and it has food waste or oil on it, then it cannot be recycled. However. You can use it again a few times at home if you want to. Re-using something is even better than recycling it. So before you throw anything away, make sure that you can’t use it again or find another purpose for it.

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